What Makes a Great Coworking Space?

A great coworking space goes beyond the basics of fast WiFi, conference rooms and mail services to give members something more, bringing together the all best features from traditional workplaces and combining them with the extra details modern workers demand. In addition to amazing interiors, refreshments and welcoming staff, there are a few features that take an ordinary shared workspace make it extraordinary. The Cove is Brisbane’s answer to those seeking a truly unique coworking space. Here’s 4 things that make a coworking space more than just another workplace.

A Warm Community Vibe

One of the most important elements of a successful coworking space is a vibrant and positive community feel. It should be a place that emits an inspiring energy, where people feel they belong and want to share ideas, socialise and collaborate with like-minded people in a safe, creative and non-competitive environment. Great coworking spaces go the extra mile to build and strengthen their community, by employing friendly and welcoming staff, hosting social and networking events and encouraging other activities that bring people together, empowering small businesses to thrive.

Access to Regular Events

While events and networking opportunities are beneficial to entrepreneurs and freelancers who may be entering into a new venture, they also provide opportunity for professionals who more established to get fresh perspectives from the people around them. Events not only benefit members of the coworking spaces, they help to maintain the community spirit. Events could be simple such as a morning coffee hour or a weekly happy hour, or more involved such as workshops and networking activities, family days or study tours. Whether for social or networking purposes, events help to create a collection of engaged people who care about the space and each other.

The Right Location

A great coworking space should also be in a desirable and convenient location. Usually in the heart of a vibrant and more affluent suburb or in the heart of the city, with good access to public transport or freeway links. A space in close proximity to a variety of restaurants, cafes and other retail amenities allows business meetings happen lunch or coffee without the need to jump into the car. A top location also gives clients the first impression that you are successful and builds an initial level of trust.

Safety and Security

As an entrepreneur, freelancer or small business, you need to be sure your data, business files, and other assets are protected. You should look for a place with high safety standards, both online and offline. A great coworking space will:

  • Feel safe while entering, leaving and moving about – having visible surveillance cameras, or even security guards.
  • Have encrypted WiFi with anti-hacking software installed.
  • Ensure contact information of customers and clients is protected.
  • Ensure private offices can be locked and the entire space is only accessible to members during non-business hours.

In the coworking universe, there’s now something for everyone. While coworking spaces all vary in appearance and atmosphere from corporate to creative and anywhere in between, most coworking spaces are a lot more alike than they are different – they all have places to sit, office amenities, coffee, WiFi and people. Finding the right space for you is all about the added extras the space provides to create a warm and buzzing community of professional, like-minded people. If you are looking for a creative, collaborative and supportive environment where you connect with other individuals and grow your business, contact the team at Cove today.

December 12, 2019
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