The Space

The Space

Split across two levels, The Cove offers a range of shared workspaces and luxury office suites complete with custom designed furniture and finishes that provide the perfect balance between a serviced office space and a coworking environment.

Our dedicated and collaborative desks on the Mezzanine level provide a private, yet functional space in an open plan arrangement, giving you the opportunity to connect with The Cove community whilst still having the space to work and create.

Combined with meeting rooms, executive boardroom and breakout areas, The Cove has the perfect blend of communal and focussed workspace.

Design & Concept

Originally a warehouse, The Cove Workspace was redesigned to create a unique coworking space that harbours creativity and collaboration. The Cove’s design lends itself to the relaxed yet refined coastal design, featuring Nordic timbers, copper finishes and an oceanic colour palate accented throughout the design.

The Cove is a space to create, collaborate and connect your business with industry leaders, entrepreneurs and small businesses alike.
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