In Conversation: “How a career change helped me through loss”

Jacob Barlow

Earlier this year, we welcomed an incredible new member to our space, who has very quickly become a quality friend to all of our community members and staff. 

We reached out to Barlow to share more on his story and current career path, as well as what led him to The Cove…

“I spend my time researching financial markets and managing personal investments.

2020 was a transformative year for me after overcoming a few hurdles, including the loss of my father.

Once I relocated back to Brisbane from London (when COVID-19 really started to wreak havoc), and having nothing but time up my sleeves, I found that a constructive way in coping with unemployment, lockdown and death was to dive deep into research on global markets, small cap companies, crypto assets, and emerging technologies”.

“Initially this served as a distraction from the constant dejection, however it has slowly morphed into a real passion that now gets me up in the morning” he said.

“An important message for anyone experiencing grief or suffering from their own circumstances, is that it's extremely valuable to find a purposeful hobby, sport, or new field that challenges and stimulates you, and throw yourself into it.

Thankfully, my family and trusted friends also kept me positive. Even minor forms of depression are ubiquitous and can easily get the better of someone who doesn't have the right support network, so you should never be afraid of talking about it with those close to you”.

“After spending much of the year working from home, I decided to branch out and join The Cove Workspace which has only improved my mental health. The space offers an incredibly refreshing environment with several industries under the one roof, who most importantly are all legends”.

April 8, 2021
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