From Transforming Businesses to Raising Money for Cancer Council

Broderick Smith

For the last 5 months opening and closing The Cove has been a little easier than usual. Since welcoming member Broderick Smith to our coworking space, he has, more often than not, arrived before us and left after us each working day. Broderick makes us laugh and we are frequently dragging him away from the desk for a chat, so what better way to introduce him and his business than with an interview.

We wanted to delve into what Brod does throughout his day to day as Principal of Transform LogiQ, and what he gets up to in his spare time.

“What is it you do for your day to day?” 
Typical day could involve workshops with clients, getting “under the hood” of business and thinking on my feet in response to what gets said, diving deeper to really pinpoint the root cause of business pain. I could be building the corporate strategic plan or a digital transformation strategy, architecting new tech solutions, developing governance frameworks or doing cyber risk assessments and security roadmaps. One of my favourite gigs is new product/service development and architecting apps and platforms. For Cove members I’ve developed an online shop of over 320,000 IT products.

“What were you doing before now, that led you to this career decision?” 
I’m a veteran of IT, spending 23 years in system integration, technology solution architecture and most recently (i.e. last decade) in cyber security, information and data management and digital transformation. Anyone can install and support technology, the difference is that I love throwing myself into my client’s business and working out solutions that truly solve business problems.

“Although it doesn’t look like you ever leave The Cove, (thanks for being our personal Cove Open and Closer), what do you keep yourself busy with outside of work?”
Hahaha I feel like I never leave the Cove at the moment! I’m into travel, food, wine and I’m a “car enthusiast” (read, I have too many cars!). Spending time with the family is my go-to – there’s nothing better than the simple things, like a home-cooked meal surrounded by family (including Odin our dog!). I also like a road trip! A bucket list road trip is the Shitbox Rally in October.

“Tell us a bit more about Shitbox Rally. What is it, and what made you to take part in something that sounds so intense?” 
Well, pretty much all of us has lost a loved one from cancer. The shitbox rally challenges teams to drive cars worth less than $1000 across some of Australia most formidable roads (dirt), all in the name of raising money for the Cancer Council. It’ll be a rough, tough and back breaking voyage, taking us from Mackay to Darwin in October, 3342 kms via the Savanna Way – all in only 7 days – in a ‘shitbox’. Our 1995 EF Ford Falcon is (hopefully) up to the gruelling task!

Gratuitous plug alert.
We love Brod and what he’s doing for this incredible cause. If you’re interested in donating to help them cross 3,342km’s and raise funds for The Cancer Council, you can donate here:

June 2, 2021
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