How Can Co-Working Spaces Benefit Start-Ups?

What is the concept of Coworking Space

Offering exceptional facilities, carefully designed spaces, all the amenities of a traditional office and more combined with affordable and flexible rates, it’s easy to see why co-working has become a popular choice for start-ups and small businesses all across Australia. At Cove, our philosophy is built on the belief that a co-working space should be more than just a workspace. We have set out to create a co-working environment in which members are encouraged and supported to achieve their business goals. If you are considering joining a co-working space, here’s 5 fantastic benefits which may help you decide that it’s the right choice for you.

Essentially, co-working spaces are shared workspaces. They offer a cost-effective, professional and well-equipped solution to individuals looking to escape the isolation of a home office. Co-working spaces provide many of the same amenities you would find in typical offices, such as desks, meeting rooms, kitchens, and more. Often a creative and collaborative community environment, occupants are generally freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and small teams who want to take advantage of a flexible space and work alongside like-minded individuals in a professional environment.

What Are the 5 Major Benefits of a Co-working Environment?

Cost-Effective and Well Equipped

A co-working space offers the chance to work in a fully equipped office without all the hassle and expenses associated with securing a traditional office. There is no need to source and sign long term leases, supply equipment, buy furniture, and come up with expensive monthly overhead costs. Perfect for entrepreneurs, start-ups and freelancers where keeping the cost and risk as low as possible is key during the infancy of their business venture.


Offering month-to-month rolling contracts, co-working spaces mean you don’t have to commit to a long term lease. Additionally, a co-working provides the ability to scale up your space, downsize or move around as your business grows and changes. With a range of membership options, you can change your requirements as you go, giving you the ultimate flexibility.

Networking Opportunities

When you work in a shared office space, you will be surrounded with like-minded, goal-oriented and high-achieving entrepreneurs and business people. Every day is an opportunity to engage, collaborate and network with other professional business people. Co-working spaces offer a unique community and culture with the possibility of meeting potential partners, clients, and mentors to help your business grow and succeed.

A Professional Work Environment

No more meeting clients at cafes, or feeling isolated and easily distracted working from home. Co-working spaces provide a professional, distraction-free environment where you can separate your work life from your home life and feel confident portraying a professional image to current or potential clients.

Boost Productivity

Many start-ups choose to work from home, and while this does make sense from a financial perspective in the early days, this situation is not ideal in the long term. According to recent statistics, around 45% of Australian workers confirmed that they found it hard to concentrate when working from home, citing reasons such as demands from family members and noise from household appliances. An office space away from home enables you to separate your work and personal lives, allowing you to focus solely to your business without any distractions.

Unsure if Co-working is the right choice for you? Want to know more about the amazing benefits of co-working? Contact the team at Cove today. We provide the ideal space for start-ups and goal-orientated small business owners looking to collaborate and connect with industry leaders, entrepreneurs and other small businesses. Contact us to book a tour of our dynamic space in the heart of Brisbane and see how co-working can help your business thrive.

November 11, 2019
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