How to Get the Most Out of Your Coworking Space

Unlike a traditional office, a coworking space offers a far greater amount of flexibility as well many other added benefits. Work from home one day, choose your own hours, and have access to all the amenities and conveniences of regular office when required. Importantly, you need to feel that the space enhances your personal creativity and productivity. The Cove is a custom designed office space providing the perfect platform to harbour entrepreneurial minds. Read on for our tips to ensure your coworking space is not just a rented desk, but a source of collaboration, inspiration and connection to a professional, supportive community.

Choose A Space That is the Right Fit for You

Just like regular workplaces, every coworking space has a unique culture. Before deciding on a coworking space, you need to be sure you and your business fit in well with that culture. You should also ensure it has all the appropriate amenities that you might need, such as meeting and conference rooms, coffee and refreshments, mail services, copying services and powerful WiFi. The space should also be in a desirable and convenient location that aligns with your brand or business.

Become Part of the Community

Coworking spaces foster a collaborative community and promote a healthy workplace culture. Look for opportunities to connect. Take initiative to introduce yourself and make your business known at community events so everyone’s aware of who you are and what you do. Don’t try to constantly sell your product or service, instead offer opinions and seek out expert advice. Participating in networking events presents a great opportunity to get to know your fellow coworkers better, and they may also help broaden and expand your own personal horizons. You never know what you might learn or who you might meet at community events. Be friendly and approachable, a simple ‘hello’ will go a long way, and may help you to land a collaboration, get your next client or create a new best friend. Mingle with people in fields that are different from your own or have a break with someone in your field and discuss opportunities and issues within the industry.

Don’t Just Network, Socialise Too

Socialising in a normal office environment means you are generally socialising with people privy to all of the same information you are about the same type of business. By socialising with people from a shared space, you may end up having conversations with individuals from different walks of life, that work in entirely different areas, that could provide inspiration or an entirely new way of looking at your own business. You may even make one or a group of new best friends that make coming to work a more pleasant experience.

Ask for help

An important part of the coworking culture is helping and supporting each other. If you need help speak up, let your coworkers guide you through the infinite resources of their networks and knowledge. Unlike traditional offices, you are lucky to be surrounded by people with a wealth of knowledge and skills across all different fields and industries so use them, and offer your expert guidance in return when needed.

Use Your Resources

Put all the resources available to you to full use. Many coworking spaces have great discounts for other businesses nearby, restaurants, cafes, gyms, events and conferences. You may also get complimentary tickets to various workshops and networking events happening across the city. Don’t be afraid to ask for any such perks.

Split across two levels, The Cove offers a range of shared workspaces and luxury office suites designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses to collaborate, create and connect. If you are looking for the ideal coworking place in Brisbane that will allow you to work next to like-minded creative professionals and enable you to build relationships and grow your business contact The Cove today. With a range of memberships available, we have the perfect coworking solution for you.

December 12, 2019
The Cove is a space to create, collaborate and connect your business with industry leaders, entrepreneurs and small businesses alike.
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